Can Chelsea FC keep winning?

Last season Chelsea’s manager was Jose Mourinho, a legend at the club. He has led Chelsea to multiple league titles, with the latest one being two seasons ago. Last season however, was an absolutely horrible performance. Chelsea finished 10th in the league (out of 20) and did not qualify for the Champions league. Chelsea weren’t ready to sell their team that just recently was able to capture a league title. They were most certain that the most probable reason had to do with coaching and team morale. This was a big turn of events for Chelsea. Facing unfamiliar territory, Chelsea decided to start fresh and hire a new manager…

Antonio Conte.conte

This was a much needed change. He came into the club with a sense of passion that Chelsea have never had on their sideline before. He gives the players energy that they were lacking last season and gave them a new sense of urgency. His tactics are far different from those of Chelsea’s past managers, so fans were unsure what to expect. He has been able to find a balance in the team, putting players in positions that they will be able to succeed in. Thus far, Chelsea are in first place, and as you can see below, fans couldn’t be happier. conte-celebrating

Antonio Conte decided to implement an unfamiliar 3-4-3 formation. This is unusual because most other teams in the league, including Chelsea in previous seasons, play with 4 defenders. Conte saw that his players had the potential to adapt to a brand new style of playing. His new formation led to the revitalization of Eden Hazard (below, right), Diego Costa, and the discovery of just how good Victor Moses (below, left) is. Their recent performances are just the beginning of what they’re capable of. hazard-moses

Chelsea have played their way to a 10-1-2 start, putting them at the top of the table with 31 points. Chelsea have a tough test of matches coming up, but if they can keep this up they look like favorites to win this leagues Premier League title and find their way back into the Champions League, which they just won in 2012. champions-league

Diego Costa (below) has been known for his poor temperament, usually finding himself suspended for getting too many cards. Under Chelsea’s new boss Antonio Conte, Costa has been more disciplined than ever, leading the league in total goals responsible for. In 13 games, he has scored 10 goals and has 4 assists. If he can keep up this production, keep a cool head, and stay healthy, Chelsea are going to have no problem outscoring their opponents this season.diego-costa-vs-man-united

Will Chelsea be able to keep up with their recent win streak? Under their new coach and the revitalization of their superstars, they find themselves at the top of the premier league table with Saturdays match against Manchester City being one of the most important games of their season. A win on Saturday would truly establish their dominance and put them in a strong position for the second half of the season. luiz-jumping


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